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     Dehumidifiers for Home

 Industrial & Commercial Range

EcoAir LDK20

Ebac 2650e

DD122FW "Simple"

EcoAir LDK20 Dehumidifier. Maximum 20L per day maximum extraction
EcoAir LDK20 Dehumidifier

20 Litres/day (30C / RH80%)  Features -  Intelligent Energy™  Intelligent Protect™  Quiet mode giving you a powerful and yet quiet unit . Large LCD display.  Carbon filter to give you fresh & clean air.  Transparent Water Level Indication. Auto defrost function.  Hidden Casters

£129 inc delivery & vat
Meaco MEA10LNo further

Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier.The 2000 series has great styling and very easy to empty water container. Actually made in England
Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier

Conventional refrigerated dehumidifiers from Ebac with "Smart Control"Up to 18L/day extraction. Castors & permanent drain-kits are options.
5-year warranty.
Made in Gt Britain.

£176 inc delivery & vat
The Ebac home rangeNo further stock

EcoAir DD122FW "Simple". Desiccant dehumidifier with variable humidistat and two fan speeds. Integral water tank & permanent drain option. Ideal for lower temperature use.
ECO DD122FW "Simple

The manual version of the popular DD122FW MK3. Quiet Desiccant type suitable for up to a small 3 bed house, garages, boats, holiday homes, caravans and conservatories. Upto 7L/Day extraction.
2-Year Warranty

£114 inc delivery & vat
DD122FW Simple Desiccant Type
No further stock

EcoAir DD322FW Simple

Ruby Dry Dehumidifier

EcoAir DD322FW "Simple". Maximum 10L/Day extraction (20ºC/60%RH). With easy to use controls, variable humidistat, 2 speed fan and permanent drain kit. Ideal for 3/4 bed homes, single to double garage, workshop and lower temperature areas. Great for holiday homes and unoccupied homes, caravans etc. Quiet on low fan speed
The DD322FW "Simple"

The manual version of the DD322FW "Classic" Desiccant Dehumidifier, more ideal for homes due to lower sound level. Also ideal for Garages, Caravans, Holiday Homes & unheated areas. Better lower temperature extraction. Can be used with a time clock. Up to 10L/day extraction.
 2-Year Warranty
 £169 inc delivery & vat
 EcoAir DD322 "Simple" detailsNo further stock

The Ruby Dry Dehumidifier

The very well proven desiccant dehumidifier that is quiet, lightweight & very efficient at low temperatures. Sound levels as low as 29dba.
Up to 5L/day extraction even at low temperatures.

£219 inc delivery & vat
Ruby Dry Specifications
No further stock

 What are the signs of damp in your home or workplace?

  • Puddles of water below your windows or on other cold surfaces
  • Mould or mildew on your windows, walls, woodwork and clothing
  • Peeling wall paper or paint (particularly on exterior walls, or even inside wardrobes and cupboards)
  • Unpleasant, musty odours
  • Deterioration of wooden window and door frames

Damp conditions in your home can also encourage the spread of dust mites, which can cause breathing problems through allergic reaction. AirControl Systems offers a range of Quality Dehumidifiers for Home use to solve your problem whether it be a single room or a 5-bed house. The range includes the Ruby Dry, EcoAir DD12FW, & the EcoAir DD322 "Simple" Dehumidifiers for unheated or colder applications such as your garage and basement, Holiday Home, Caravan or Boat. All of our Dehumidifiers have a permanent drain facility if required. We also supply the full Ebac Industrial range including Building Dryers and the Ebac Commercial Dehumidifier range. 

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