On-line Advice


Pre-sales & Technical advice


If you have any questions on the correct model to suit your particular requirement or require technical help to ensure we will be providing the best solution to your problem please email us with details of your particular application. Please give the following information;

  1. Room Volume in cubic meters or simply the dimensions.
  2. Average internal temperature.
  3. Relative humidity required.
  4. Details of any forced ventilation or air conditioning in use.
  5. Usage of the building.
  6. Will you require humidistat control.
  7. How do you intend to get rid of the condensate. Continuous gravity drain, internal tank that will be manually emptied or will you require a condensate pump for a permanent installation.

Simply provide as much information as you can as to why you require dehumidification. 

We will do our best to respond to you usually within a few hours during a normal working day.