Ebac CD200 Dehumidifier

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Ebac CD200 Dehumidifier

Nominal effective volume: 600m3
Typical Extraction: 65 Lts Per Day

The EIPL CD200 dehumidifier has been introduced to serve the demands of medium sized areas without the need to use multiple units. Warehouses, factories, offices and other medium scale facilities with ambient temperatures ranging from 3°C to 35°C can be cured of humidity and condensation problems efficiently and automatically. Currently only available in single phase 230vac.

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The CD200 unit can be utilized singly or in multiple units, to provide protection on any scale. Ducted applications are possible where design requirements specify.

The CD200 incorporates EIPL’s unique temperature sensitive, “Reverse Cycle” defrosting feature. This proven method of defrosting allows the unit to function smoothly in all temperatures, while maintaining optimum performance at higher temperatures. The twin speed centrifugal fan maximizes air delivery over longer distances. Under maximum conditions the CD200 will remove up to 100 lts/day.

The remote humidistat feature of the CD200 makes the unit the ideal choice for where remote sensing and control is required. Optional duct mounting flanges, reduces the installation time when connecting to an existing / new ducting systems.


Warehouse - Basements - Factories - Sports Halls - Storage Areas - Laboratories - Oil Rigs - Agriculture - Pumping Stations - Stadiums - Ships / Barges



·        Height 832mm

·        Width 745mm

·        Depth 445mm

·        Weight 80kg

·        Voltage 230V

·        Phase 1

·        Frequency 50 Hz

·        Current 10.6 A

·        Power 2250W

·        Airflow Low Speed 850 m3/hr

·        Airflow High Speed 1050 m3/hr

·        Noise Level 73 dba

·        Refrigerant R454c

·        Effective Volume 600m3

·        Typical Extraction 65lts/day

·        Min. Operating Temperature 3°C

·        Max. Operating Temperature 35°C

Features Include

·        On/Off Control via Adjustable Humidistat

·        Electronic Reverse Cycle Defrost  Control

·        Optional Duct Mounted Flanges

·        High Capacity Centrifugal  Fan

·        Adjustable Height Feet

·        Washable Air Filter with Easy Release Catch

·        Remote Humidistat Capability

·        2 Fan Speeds

·        Condensate Pump with internal float switch

·        High Capacity Backward Curved  Fan

·        Epoxy Powder Coating