Ebac BD150 Building Dryer

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Ebac BD150 Building Dryer

Large Industrial Dryer

Nominal Effective Volume: 300m3
Extraction Rate Approximately: 30lts per 24hrs (30°C 80%RH) (lt/day)

Demanding site conditions will require the large capacity Ebac BD150 commercial building drier with its fast acceleration of the drying process, saving extra man hours and financial penalties. Rugged, powerful & portable and can be laid flat in transit when moving from site to site, making it Europe's Number 1 choice with the building trades.

Dual voltage 110/240vac option is available at an additional cost of £21
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  • Control: Constant dehumidification (no humidistat fitted) that is ideal for the building trades. 
  • Refrigerant: R454C 
  • Standard or Dual Voltage: This industrial-grade dehumidifier requires a standard 220/240-volt outlet. A Dual Volt 240/110vac model is an option. 
  • Easy to Transport: With its large diameter wheels and a handle, you’ll easily be able to move it from room to room. 
  • Powerful Airflow: Features a maximum airflow of 510 m3/hr. 
  • Condensate Drain: Condensate removal is via a gravity drain hose to a container or suitable drain point. There is no internal container.
  • Contruction: All steel construction. Stoved Epoxy Finish
  • Please Note: Mains plug or drain hose not supplied with machine
Features & Specifications

Suitable For Drying -Plaster, Paint, Concrete, Carpets, Timber, Wall Coverings.

  • Large Diameter Rubber Wheels.
  • Single Speed High Performance Fan.
  • Continuous Drainage Facility.
  • 12 Month Guarantee.
  • 110V / 230V Dual Voltage (230V Also Available).
  • External Voltage Selection Switch.
  • Internal Voltage Protection.
  • High Capacity, Reverse Cycle Defrost For Low Temperature Operation.
  • Weight 80kg.
  • Height 915, Width 610, Depth 692 (mm).
  • Power 1.5kW Maximum.
  • Refrigerant R454C
  • Extraction rate Approximately 30 LtsPer 24Hrs.
  • Nominal Effective Volume 300m3