The latest addition to the Ebac range - The Ebac HM150 is currently on a special Offer.


Typical Extraction: 50L/Day at 27c & 60%rh
Nominal Effective Volume: 300 M3
Voltage: 240vac 50hz or 110vac 50hz

The Ebac HM150’s unique EEVC system, ensures the optimum extraction across the full operating spectrum. Fitted with low voltage controls and integral 3m lift condensate pump plus 7.8m drain hose supplied. The Ebac HM150 is available in single 230vac 50hz or 110vac 50hz 

Special Offer Price - £1040 plus vat - Delivery included (valid until 30th November)      

Main Features

  • Rotary Compressor - fitted with R454C Fgas 2020 compliant with a GWP < 150 ensures high-capacity moisture removal at the lowest running costs.
  • Humidistat - available only on the standard 240vac model
  • Washable Air Filter - A washable filter removes airborne particles and contaminants and saves you the cost and hassle of replacement filter costs.
  • Pump Purge Switch - Allows you to drain the condensate pump before moving the dehumidifier to a new location, preventing messy water spills.
  • Rotomoulded Housing - Super durable housing ensures the HM150 is capable of outperforming competitors' models of similar capacities and is designed to safely stack units, greatly reducing storage and transportation costs.
  • Reverse Cycle & Temperature Sensitive Defrost - Ensuring a quick and efficient clearing of ice from
    the coil, allowing a minimum operating temperature of 3°C.

Ebac HM150 Bochure - Ebac HM150H Bochure  

Offer expires November 30th